Conditions of sale:
Article 1: Foreword
The boutique
The online boutique of the website was set up by the LONKEL Society, who manages it, hereinafter designates "the society". All order validated by the consumer on the online imply preliminary acceptance of these terms. 
Validity of the order
The consumer accepts being fully aware and informed by the fact that his agreement on the continent of these present general conditions doesn't require an handwriting signature to the extent that the consumer orders online the presented products. The consumer declares having full legal capacity that allows him to commit himself under these terms of sale. 
Application of the general conditions of sale
The consumer has the ability of saving or editing these present terms, being told that both saving and editing of this document come under his own responsibility,  these said conditions are subject to be modify by the Society. In this case, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the website during the validation of the order by the consumer.
Contractual informations
The online store sets up by the Society as part of its website lists the following informations
- Legal notice allowing a precise identification of the Society
- Presentation of the main characteristics of the proposed goods
- Indication in Euros (excluding tax) of the goods price and where necessary, participation to the postage and packing costs
- Indication of the terms of payment and delivery
- The existence of a right and period of withdrawal
- The validity period of the offer
All informations on the website [] is presented in English.
Validity of the electronic signature
According to the 13 March 2000's law on electronic signature, any purchase order signed by the consumer's "double approval click" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can be challenged only in the cases expressly predicted in these terms and conditions sale.
"Double click" associated with the authentication procedure, non-repudiation and integrity's protection of messages constitutes an electronic signature. This electronic signature signature has the value of handwriting signature between the parties.
Proof of transaction
The IT records, concerved in the Society's computer systems under the reasonable conditions of safety, will be considered as proofs of communications, orders and payments occurred between the parties.
Article 2: Products
The Society presents on its website all the products to sale as well as their descriptions allowed to respect the  Article L 111-1 of the Consumer Code, which intends the possibility for the potential consumer  to know, before taking the definitive order, all the essential characteristics of the products he's willing to buy. 
Price / Taxes and VAT
The website's prices are indicated in Euro all taxes excluded (ex-Tax). They are applicable during the validation of the order by the consumer for a worldwide shipping and don't include the participation of the shipping costs, charged up as an additional cost, and indicated before the final validation of the order.
Prices are subject to VAT and any change to the legal rate of VAT will be implicitly reflected on the price of the products presented on the website [], at the date stipulated by the referencing decree of application.
Validity of the products offers
Offers presented by [] are only valid just in the limit of available stocks. The Society hold back the right to modify the products assortment, their periods of disposability and their prices. 
Conformity of product offerings
The products are conform to the French legislation and standards applicable in France. Photographs, texts, styles, informations and characteristics reproduced and illustrating the presented products are not contractual. Accordingly, the liability of the Society can't be held responsible in cad of errors or omissions in any of these photographs, text or styles, informations or products characteristics.
Article 3: Order
Order Confirmation
The contractual informations will be confirmed via email.
Failure of the command
The Society shall not be held responsible for non-performance of the concluded contract in case of stock shortage or unavailability of the product, of major force, disturbance, total or partial strike of postal services and means of transport and / or communications , flood, fire.
In case of unavailability of the ordered product, the consumer will be informed at the earliest and will be able to modify or cancel his order. The consumer will then have the choice to request either a refund of collected sums of money (occurring within 30 days before the date of cancellation of the order), or in that event, a product exchange, in accordance with the Society. If the new order total is higher than the older one, the consumer must pay the balance of payment. Conversely, if the total of the exchange is lower than the initial total, the consumer will receive a refund of the difference.
In case of impossibility of exchange, the Society reserve itself the right to cancel the consumer order and reimburse the paid in sums of money. 
Obligations of the retailer
The Society commits to inform the consumer of any change occurred in his order, relating to the period, price, characteristics, to allow the latter's decision to modify its order consequently.
Warnings / advices
The Society recommends the consumers to keep a track of data related to his order on a paper or reliable computer support until the final resolution of the order.
Article 4: Payment
In all cases the settlement is made in Euro.
Terms of Payment.
- The order must imperatively be validated on the phone by contacting Caroline at the number which is indicated on your order's recap. It'll be her that'll tell you the methods of payment necessary to send you your order. 
Retention of property Close:
The products are the property of until full payment of the order by However, starting from the delivery, the responsibility for the delivered goods are transferred to the customer.
Payment failure: holds back the right to refuse to make a delivery or to honor an order from a consumer who hasn't fully or partially paid or a previous order or with whom a payment dispute is undergoing administration.
In case of refusal of our Bank, responsible for validating the payment, the order will be informatically canceled by and the customer will be informed by e-mail.
Article 5: Delivery
Deliveries are made worldwide by a transporter 
Worldwide shipping
Product will be delivered worldwide by an haulier
The Society reminds the consumer that he must ensure mentioning all relevant informations for his order delivery, including the required phone number to which he can be reached.
The Society can not be held responsible for any potential typing errors and resulting consequences such as delay and / or a delivery error. In this context, all involved costs for the return of the order will be entirely at the expense of the consumer
Any opened and / or damaged package, accepted or not at the delivery must be accompanied by "handwritten reserves". These must be notified of the delivery note by the consumer, who will also inform the provider by mail and the Society and the service provider within two (2) working days after delivery.
Warnings / advices
Only damages and anomalies mentioned in the reserves expressed by the consumer will be taken into account in the resolution of the dispute by the transport provider.
The Society reminds you that in case of a delivery problem, the consumer must imperatively keep all received items in good condition (packaging and over-packaging included) until complete resolution of his case.
Any breach of the rules defined above can cause the refusal support of the dispute by the transport provider.
We advise you to check your shipping address during the checkout process. In case of error on the delivery address, the shipping costs for a new shipment will be at the expense of the consumer.
Article 6: Reception
The consumer must express to the Society within two working days following the date of receiving of the package, any claim of delivery error and / or non-conformity of products in nature or quality compared to the entries on the order form. Any claims made beyond this period will be rejected without any possibility of recourse for the consumer and will release the Society from all liability to the consumer.
Delivery errors
As part of a delivery that would not be addresses to him, the consumer is required to keep the package(s) in the state and inform according to the methods, the Customer Service of the Society (see "Contact Us" ).
Non-compliant products
In case of non-conforming product, the consumer can make this claim according to the methods, at the Customer Service of the Society (see "Contact Us").
The Society will implement everything to rectify the problem met by the consumer as soon as possible. 
Warnings / advices
The consumer is informed that some documents related to the packages may be claimed and must remain in possession of all the received informations (including packaging) until complete resolution of his claim.
Article 7: Right of withdrawal
The Society gives the consumers a withdrawal period of ten (10) days to return the products that don't suit him. This short period starts from the date of delivery of the product to the consumer. This right of withdrawal is without penalty, except for shipping and return costs that are the responsibility of the consumer (unless proven error from []).
The procedure described in "Item 8: Returns" applies for the return of the goods.
Assuming the exercise of the right of withdrawal, the consumer has the choice of requesting either a refund of amounts collected or an exchange of an equivalent total to paid  amounts or, where required, with a banking remainder.
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the Society will make every effort to reimburse the consumer in a period of 15 days following the reception of the return. The customer will then be refunded by re-crediting system (secure transaction) in case of payment by credit card.
Article 8: Returns
All returns must be previously reported to the Customer Service of the Society (see "Contact Us") that will provide you a return number.
All products must be returned to the Society, in a new condition, suitable for theresale. Any product that has been damaged, which is incomplete, or whose original packaging is damaged or missing, will not be taken back.
In all cases, the return remains at the expense and risk of the consumer.
All returns must be sent to the Company within the ten (10) business days following the return agreement and returned entirety in its original packaging and in perfect condition to the address of the Society:
Lonkel - service returns - 271 rue Saint-Denis 75002 Paris.
The provided return number will be visible on the return packing and the return form must be printed and slipped inside the package.
No sending in against-repayment will be accepted, whatever the reason.
For lack of respect of the procedures mentioned above, no complaint for non-compliance or visible vice of the delivered products will not be accepted.
Article 9:
Internet sales being reserved to wholesalers and professionnals, these latest must pay the price excluded all taxes (ex Tax) on the website [].
The consumer must mention during his order, a billing address located worldwide.
Article 10: Legal mentions and clauses
Force majeure
Neither or the 2 parties will failed to its contractual obligations, to the extend that their execution is delayed, hindered or prevented by a fortuitous event or major force.
Be considered as a fortuitous event or major force any compelling facts or circumstances, external to the parties, unpredictable, inevitable, independent of the will of the parties and can not be prevented by them, despite all the reasonably possible efforts.
Explicitly, are considered as a major force or fortuitous cases, besides those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the french courts and tribunals.
-  The blocking of means of transportation or supplying, earthquakes, fires, storms, floods, lightning
- The stop of the telecommunication networks or difficulties specific to the telecommunication networks external to the customers.
Hypertext links can resend to other sites than []. The Society disclaims any liability in the event that the content of these sites violates the laws and regulations.
Intellectual Property - Rights of Use
All models presented on the site are reserved under copyright and in accordance to the Intellectual Property. The use of the Society's products is granted to the consumer as a private title. Any other use constitutes a counterfeit and is punishable in accordance to the Intellectual Property except  prior permission from the Society. Any total or partial reproduction of the catalog is strictly prohibited.
Information technology and liberties
Nominative informations collected for distance selling are required, these informations are essential for the processing and delivery of the orders as well as the bills establishment. The lack of information leads to the non-validation of the order.
According to the French law "Information technology and liberties" n ° 78-17 of January 6th 1978, the consumer has a right to access and rectify the data concerning him and may exercise this right by sending a letter to the Society.
The user is informed that the automated processing of information, especially the  email addresses management of the users, has been declared to the CNIL (Receipt No. 1091335).
No partial validation
If one or more specifications of these present general terms and conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such under any law,  any regulation or on after the order of a final decision of a competent court, other specifications will keep all their force and impact.
These present general terms and conditions are subject to the French law. The awarding of expertise in case of dispute and for lack of amicable agreement between the parties, is given to the competent courts of Paris. In case of dispute or claim, the consumer should first contact the Society to get an amicable solution.
To contact us:
Phone: 01 40 26 21 37
Monday to Friday (excluding holidays), from 10h to 18h.
271 rue Saint-Denis
75002 Paris
Please indicate your order number in all correspondence